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Lizard Control Service

Lizard Control Service in Kanpur & Lucknow

Lizards Control 

Reptile family includes all crawling species like Lizards, Worms, and Snakes etc. Lizards are the most common Reptile family occurs at homes. Lizards are commonly found in Gardens, Homes, ponds, buildings, outside buildings walls, trees etc.

They are harmful to humans rather all creatures are somehow dangerous to the human being. Lizard is one of them. They don’t bite but they secrete toxic secretions out of their body that can be serious in numerous ways. If a lizard falls into any food item, the chances are that it will become poisonous; it is advised to avoid such food items that get infected. These toxic foods are extremely dangerous. Not all but some lizards have found to be dangerous because of the presence of salmonella bacterium. There are many types of Lizards.


We at Krypton Pest Control have the best treatment to overcome Lizards problems. Lizards are active during night time and attracted towards the light; the reason behind this is to eat insects so we do treatments mostly late hours when they become active. The treatment is carried out by spraying insecticide on walls, in every crack and crevice of the premises to reach all the hidden parts.

Cover all utensils, containers with old clothes to avoid any contamination. Leave the place undisturbed or do not wipe the floor after pest control as hidden insects may come after some time and die. It will take 2-3 days for killed hidden insects like Lizards.

We recommend 3 services in a year for homes and 4 services in a year for offices. Inspection is a must before treatment to get an idea about the severity and accordingly we recommend service

Here are some reasons why you should choose our Lizard Control Treatment:
We use expert surveying and treatment techniques so that you get the right services.
Our treatment methods are safe and approved.
Government approved & safe chemicals are used
We provide long-term protection plans based on your needs.
We take utmost care to ensure that your assets are protected.
Service After Service Why Us
  • We offer the best termite pest control services in Kanpur & Lucknow.
  • Best in class chemicals, approved by the Central Insecticides Board are used against target pests at recommended dosages.
  • Our pest control termite service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy.
  • Local termite pest control service providers use cheap chemicals that only repel termites and cause them to spread further while damaging your property.
  • Krypton Pest Control uses non-repellent chemical that kills even the last termite present in the premises. Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained.

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